Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Head of Platform DevelopmentNamecheap, Inc.

    Jun, 2016 - Present1 month

    Lead the development of a Puppet based high impact automation system to deploy both last generation monolithic application stacks as well as newly developed micro service APIs in a mixed Windows and Linux environment.

    • Develop a core suite of proprietary Puppet modules for Windows 2012 R2 system management.

    • Develop an interface between Hashicorp Vault and Puppet to have secure configuration generation in Puppet.

    • Develop service monitoring and alerting using Hashicorp Consul, Hipchat and PagerDuty.

    • Reduction of approximately 82% in setup and build time for application server deployments.

  • Head of Infrastructure Research and DevelopmentNamecheap, Inc.

    Jun, 2015 - Present1 year 1 month

    My role here is to investigate new and exciting ways to reduce cost, improve performance and managability of various components of our infrastructure. Including things like log aggregation, intrusion detection and various automated monitoring systems.

    • Implemented Git workflow using R10k and Puppet to automate infrastructure deployments.

    • Developed a business inteligence tool using Laravel 5 and ElasticSearch to derive website themes and topics similar to a web crawler.

    • Implemented a multiple node ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana cluster to aggregate logs from various infrastructure areas.

  • Senior System ArchitectNamecheap, Inc.

    May, 2014 - Jun, 20151 year

    As the architect at Namecheap, I was responsible for an entire build out for our infrastructure datacenter components. Including storage network, storage area network (SAN) appliances and Dell M1000e blades. Currently storage is running with a 99.99999% uptime in total, and 100% uptime over 2 years with no incident on one of our SAN units.

    • Development and implementation of all infrastructure within the Namecheap datacenter.

    • Implementation of three individual Dell SC8000 Compellent storage area network (SAN) appliances using iSCSI and Arista networking.

    • Implementation of vSphere 5.5, vSphere 5.6 and vSphere 6 Enterprise Plus within three distinct geographic locations.

    • Implementation of Site Recovery Manager for vSphere 5.6 for failover operations between two distinct geographic locations.

    • Designed and implemented Microsoft Active Directory services and individual secure domains for development environments.

    • Implemented a large sprawling FreeIPA environment to power an Atlassian Suite of software including Jira, Confluence, BitBucket (formerly known as Stash) and Bamboo.

    • Implemented four F5 Big-IP LTM 4000S devices in a highly available configuration for front end load balancing of infrastructure and client facing services.

  • Cloud ConsultantLayerworx, LLC.

    Jul, 2012 - Present4 years

    As a contractor I provide many cloud or virtualization solutions to clients. Including full implementations of VMware vSphere 5 and 6 as well as XenServer 6. Professionally built and engineered cloud environments to meet corporate requirements and internal SLAs.

    • Implementation of XenApp 6.5 to replace an aging Citrix MetaFrame environment for a public company under SOX compliance.

    • Implementation of vSphere 5.6 and vSAN 5 for a large internet services provider with full site recovery manager implementation.

    • GlusterFS implementation of geo-replicated SVN storage between Detroit, MI and Buenos Aires, Argentina to share rich media asset development.

    • Highly available (100% uptime) GlusterFS implementation which combined DRBD, heartbeat and GFS2 to create an NFS environment for Linux services that preferably never encountered downtime.

  • Source Material ExpertAmazon Web Services

    Jan, 2013 - Apr, 20133 months

    A short term position in beautiful Seattle Washington where I worked with the EC2 team to provide internal and external support for clients and contributor to internal toolsets written in Ruby.

    • Worked specifically with AWS customers on the EC2 platform and assisted with implementation, cloud deployments and best practices.

    • Assisted with the crowd-sourced internal tooling at AWS to improve features and functionality of existing backend systems.

  • Network Engineer IIIGTB (formerly Team Detroit, Inc.)

    Mar, 2012 - May, 20142 years 1 month

    At Team Detroit my mission was to supply service and support through infrastructure design and management for all of our creative professionals internally and to Ford Motor Company externally.

    • Architected and managed the server architecture which reaches millions of visitors on Ford Motor Companies promotional Facebook applications.

    • Developed Linux environment policy and patch resolution to automate SOX compliance integration and reporting.

    • Implemented XenServer 6.5 on an XIO ISE storage infrastructure.

  • Linux EngineerSecure-24, Inc.

    Apr, 2011 - Mar, 201211 months

    While at Secure-24 I was a Linux engineer with a focus on automation and problem solving. Secure-24 is a managed service provider (MSP) and because of this, I was frequently injected into new environments, some notable examples were Deloitte Consulting, Toronto Dominion Auto Finance, Technicolor and Lumber Liquidators.

    • Commited to internal Puppet repositories by SVN and deployed new Puppet code throughout the managed customers environments.

    • Integrated an existing LDAP installation into additional tools and services engineers used internally.

    • Developed database administration policy and runbooks for clients under our management on Linux.

  • Technical Landscape Owner and DBASecure-24, Inc.

    Apr, 2011 - Mar, 201211 months

    As a technical landscape owner, I was assigned and controlled a single client's implementation and support. I was specifically assigned to Toronto Dominion Auto Finance (previously Chrysler Financial) with a focus as their managed service database administrator (DBA).

    • Managed a 20+ server production MySQL Enterprise 5.5 cluster for Toronto Dominion Auto Finance (formerly Chrysler Financial).

    • Developed query level monitoring automation and automated bad query tracking and optimization.

    • Created several methods of accessing data securely for developers where access to customer data was protected under credit laws.

  • Linux System AdministratorHostgator, Inc.

    Jun, 2010 - Apr, 20119 months

    At Hostgator, there is always no end to work to be done. With a shared client facing server farm of over 6000 servers and additional server farm of over 3000 dedicated client servers, I was tasked with maintenance, pro-active monitoring of performance issues and typical day to day support requests from our clients.

    • Implemented an IPv6 compatible QMail relay infrastructure for over 6000 shared hosting cPanel servers.

    • Build a monitoring solution which tracked abusive users through advanced CPU and statistic recording.

    • Developed an internal log aggregation system in Python which injested raw syslog UDP before solutions like Logstash existed.

  • Development ContractorFragnet (formerly X-Factor Servers, Inc.)

    Aug, 2009 - Dec, 20094 months

    • Developed customer facing control panel for various supplemental services that were sold as value add subscriptions to customers.

    • Developed a Linux based hosting environment with Mono and XSP to run a .NET 2.0 application reducing TCO for a commercial game control panel.



  • Web Development
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    Windows 2012 R2Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7VMware ESXi 5VMware ESXi 6F5 Big-IP TMOS
  • Configuration Management
  • Cloud Management
    vSphere 5 and 6XenServer 6DockerFiber Channel ManagementiSCSI Network ManagementLayer 2 and Layer 3 NetworkingAmazon Web Services AWS


  • Information Technology, Network Security, Associates of Science, Macomb Community College

    Jun, 2007 - Sep, 2009



  • vSAN Press Release Quote , VMware, Inc.

    Published on: Feb 02, 2015

    I was a pilot reviewing engineer for the vSAN platform on vSphere 5 and again leading up to version 6 through the betas and pre-releases. I gave input and submitted feedback for the technology.



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    MySQL 5.6PostgreSQL 9.4Oracle 11gMariaDB 10DynamoDBAWS Aurora
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    Amazon Web ServicesSimple Storage Service S3Relational Database Service RDSElastic Compute Cloud EC2Virtual Private Cloud VPC
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    Active DirectoryActive Directory Federated Services ADFSADAXES ManagementMicrosoft SharepointPowershell Desired State Configuration DSC
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